Visitor profiles definition

We take into account the visitors’ interests and needs such as age, available time, language, or disability situation to define the profiles.

Collection Analysis

  • Available contents
  • Collections on exhibition
  • Collections on store
  • Related contexts and contents

Physical Space Analysis

  • Floor plan with distribution of objects or points of interest
  • Space description

Route Design

By using Service Design methodologies, we propose visits for each visitor profile, identifying the Touchpoints and Calls to action. 

For each venue we design: 

  • A Visitor Journey Canvas
  • A Route blueprint: moments, emotions, front and backhouse service structure
  • Floor plan with the routes and final touchpoints

Channels Definition

  • App or Webapp
  • Content in the physical space or at the digital arena: on the visitor’s own mobile or in a device installed at the venue (tablets, screens…)
  • User Experience Design 
  • User Interface Design

Content definition

Narrative script for each route.

Texts & Images

Basic content, light and more reproducible on any device or browser.

Audio & Video

We design and produce content depending on the visitor needs.


We acknowledge the need to have different languages available.


We produce accessible content such as subtitles, sign language videos, and audio descriptions.


Virtual and Augmented reality content for webapps and native apps.

Interactive maps

We provide customized interactive maps to help the visitor locate points of interest and information.

AR wayfinding

Our augmented reality wayfinding tool helps visitors position themselves and find their way around with the use of the camera.


Our wayfinding tools are available for offline use, without the need to download an app.


Via Internet


Through a WiFi network with BoxToLife devices or locally installed on the venue’s equipment.


Outdoor weatherproof

Content distribution without internet connection using solar panels and batteries.

Content management

Possibility to create different visits from our web platform that delivers content to the visitors’ mobile, to a large format touchscreen, or tablet installed onsite.

Automatic content creation

Our tool allows the translation and production of voice audios in 39 languages.


All interactions and devices provide data that are stored and analysed for the venues’ decision-making. 

No internet needed

BoxToLife distributes content without an internet connection.

Low energy

BoxToLife requires only a 5-volt electrical supply, just like a phone!

WiFi network

Devices connect onsite to a WiFi network without the need of downloading an app.


We obtain visitor feedback through surveys and evaluations.

Heat maps

Our analysis tool assists the venue in determining the heat map and the paths visitors take.

Behaviour analysis

Our tool allows visualizing people’s behaviour during their visit to the public space or online.