Hello, we are El Gabinete!

We design digital and non-digital experiences to enrich the visit to museums, exhibitions and cultural spaces.

Our Services

WE WANT TO CREATE new ways of approaching content and collections; attractive narratives and solutions that help transmit information more clearly and fun, in order to feed the curiosity for learning and knowing more.

Visit Experience Design

Within the museum or space but also outside of it and in relation to its daily environment: other people and places.

Content development

Curatorship, exhibition narratives and museum studies.

Art and design

Arts, graphic and industrial design, and merchandising products and services.

Corporate or institutional image design

Consulting and production of corporate identity and websites.

Exhibition design projects

Planning, design, collections handling and setup.

Interactive apps

For touchscreens, adapted to the needs, specifications, scripts and contents required by the client.

Mobile apps

That enrich the experience previously, during and after the exhibition visit.

Creation of information systems

And e-access for collection management.

Virtual visits

Design and implementation.


And optimization of texts.

Electronic labels

For mobile devices.

Content Care

Texts review and editing.

Audiovisual and Transmedia materials

Design, production, and post-production.

Technological advisory

To determine what kind of devices and how many to acquire, according to the content and exhibition guidelines and scripts.

Ticket sales and management

Consulting and system implementation.


Product that allows visitors to interact with the public space by using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Editorial projects

Content, design, illustration and production of printed, digital and interactive books.

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team made up of professionals in different areas and first level external collaborators dedicated to the conception, curatorship, editorial care, design and implementation of graphic, exhibition and digital products to enrich the experience before, during and after visiting a museum or exhibition, cultural or natural space, through the use of technologies and apps that engage and awaken curiosity for knowing more.

WE BELIEVE that experience design in museums has less to do with technologies and MORE ABOUT PEOPLE, which is why we design for them.

Objects keep stories. We are thrilled to discover them and tell them in many ways.

When we see people reading, using, laughing with their companions… the things and apps we do, we know every effort is worth it.

How do we work?

Organized in multidisciplinary cells, advised transversally by four directions: Content, Art and Design, User Experience and Technology.

The core consists of a General Producer (main link with the museum or project producer), a Content Manager (main link with curators, researchers and / or exhibition designers), and a Product Owner (main link with the technological development team).

According to the type of project and its scope, the team is integrated by graphic and user experience designers, and systems engineers, and may be extended to editors, illustrators, digital artists, audio and video specialists, photographers, marketing professionals, anthropologists, art historians, industrial and exhibition designers.

Our process

Considering each project and its needs or requirements, we develop content: museological or museographic scripts, interactive or audiovisual scripts, iconographic research and image management.

Research and Content Production

Identity and application’s manuals, chromatic hues, typographic proposals, info graphics...

Arts & Graphics for Exhibition Design

Of the scripts, spaces, audience type, collection, budgets, calendars... We try to make curators and museums that we speak their own language.


From the previous analysis (between UX designers, engineers and content producers) we make the functionality proposals, both for software as for the possible installations and exhibition furniture.

User Experience Design (UX)

For the case of interactive modules and apps we produce efficient and high-quality visual interfaces, with out team of UX graphic and industrial designers, digital artists and illustrators.

User Interface Design (UI)

We work closely with researchers, curators, editors and communication specialists. We care for so much more than just technology.

Content care

Programming and information systems. We work closely with the Content team to assure that our products work correctly with the adequate software and devices.


Testing matrices to ensure the best performance of our products. We pay special attention to accessibility, legibility and content care.

Quality assurance

Of the final project in situ, delivering all our products installed and working perfectly and with their technical manuals.

Installation and Delivery



Web technologies: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, NodeJs
Mobile technologies:
Native iOS, Android, Vuforia
Game engines: Unity and Corona SDK
DB: MySQL and MongoDB


BoxToLife, Beacons, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Supports (devices)

iPad & iPhone, e-Readers, Android, ELO touchscreens with Android OS, large format touchscreens, interactive floors, among others.

Why El Gabinete?

Our research and development center allows us to be at the technology forefront.

Why El Gabinete?

We can collaborate in your project as suppliers, allies or partners.

Why El Gabinete?

We bring an iterative process that optimizes the production time and delivers frequently.

Why El Gabinete?

Our portfolio includes some of the most recognized projects by the industry, with outstanding creative concepts.

Why El Gabinete?

We have great experience working remotely in national and international projects.

Why El Gabinete?

We like to listen and do things in a personal manner.