Give your visitors friendly ways
to approach your



Visits for different audiences

We design unique visits for specific publics according to their interests, age, available time, language or special needs. There are many options such as:

  • Visits by theme
  • Visits for children
  • Real time translation
  • Time-framed visits
  • Visits for the visually-impaired

Functional in any device or space

In the physical space or the digital arena we build visits that are usable in any device, being the visitor’s own device or one lent by the museum.

Comprehensive content management

This tool controls what content is distributed to what specific channels within the visit. It could be a web app, a native app or an audio guide device. Content that can be included:

  • Text, image, video. audio, AR, VR
  • Sign language videos
  • Integration with collection management software

Useful space guidance

The map of the public space helps the visitors to find their way around and to locate additional points of interest or information. This instrument assists the museum determining the heat map and paths visitors take.

Powerful analytics

All interactions and devices provide data that are stored and analyzed for decision-making. Our analytics tool allows to identify and visualize how visitors behave during their visit in the physical space and the digital arena.

Interactive Guided Visits